The Mountain View Garden Club awards grants up to $300 to organizations who share the garden club's mission of beautifying the area.  Click here for Mountain View Garden Club Grant Request Form.

Projects in the community have provided us the opportunity to show our commitment by sharing our knowledge and love of gardening while beautifying the area.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." 
Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978)

From the time the garden club was founded in 2005 through 2010, club members were involved in many community beautification projects including plantings at the Union Dale Post Office and the Clifford Township Volunteer Fire Company.  

A stone wall was unearthed and restored along Route 106 at the Valley

Cemetery in Clifford,  with plantings done in front of the wall.  

                                A perennial garden was planted at the entrance to the Herrick Township                                                 Municipal Building. Flowers and shrubs were planted at the Veteran's

                                Memorial in front of the Clifford Township Municipal Building. Club

                                members also assisted members of the Clifford Township Community Alliance with plantings at the welcome sign.  Garden club members rejuvenated the Gazebo garden at the Forest City Nursing Home with perennials and annuals and assisted the Forest City Commercial Association with planting barrels on Main Street.  Members also assisted the Clifford Township Historical Society with plantings at the Hoover School.

Along with other community volunteers, club members worked planting trees throughout Clifford Township and along the D&H Rail Trail.

Since 2010 the garden club has continued to maintain the plantings at the Veteran's Memorial in Clifford and at the Clifford Township Volunteer Fire Company, as well as the plantings in front of the Clifford Valley Cemetery.  They also continue to help fund The Forest City Commercial Association with planting barrels on Main Street.

On Earth Day, the garden club conducts a roadside clean-up on a

two mile stretch of Routes 106 and 347, from Royal to West Clifford, 

in conjunction with Penn Dot.

Some of the other projects the garden club members were involved in...

​Garden Club Assists Rail-Trail
                                         Early in November 2007, club members and spouses (many are also Rail                                                Trail members) volunteered to plant 15 bare root trees on the D&H Trail in                                            Forest City. Funding for the trees was awarded to Rail-Trail by the NEPA                                                Urban & Community Forestry Program. To learn more about the local Rail-                                            Trail, visit   At the same time, three trees also funded by the NEPA Urban & Community Forestry Program were planted on Main Street, Clifford.

Trees Planted in Clifford
In April 2007, seven trees were planted at the "Welcome" sign and

cemetery on Main Street by club members and community volunteers.

Funding for the trees has been awarded to the CTCA by the NEPA Urban &

Community Forestry Program. Thank you to all those who volunteered!

Their time will be valued as "in-kind donations" towards matching the grant funds.

Garden Club to Plant Trees
                                   On Friday, April 21, 2006, Garden Club members assisted with a spring tree                                          planting as the second stage of the Clifford Township Bicentennial Tree                                                   Assessment and Planting Project Grant. This community beautification project                                     involved planting thirteen trees of various species at locations on Creamery                                             Road,  Main Street and at the Clifford Township Building.